domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

vinculo on progresssssss

q --------------------------------------------------------p
a --------------------------------------------------------ñ
z --------------------------------------------------------m

re wi rin G

re wri TIN

re sa QUIN

the south american nice lady in this locutorio tells me that
i should blame telefónica for the fact that they equally charge
for international and national calls: 15 cents of an euro,
the minute!...

i reply that she´s the one who ofers this speaking
service am i am her client...

she, that has not stop talking BY the phone while dialoging
(the word DIALogin comes through) with me just keeps
doing so; and so...

i pass from the calling to the writting, YES!, she has a net service
too -------------
, ----------------


madrid is a vaqum cleaner
i just didn´t figure it out if
it sucks or spells the dust

i- m proud of
being part of the dUSt

yesterday proved to me how a drunk
guy can spoil one night of your life.
i also found out that we are all
(glad that YOU don´t think so)
but/and when we share our miseries
we become ]just[ human

-only 11 cents left-
-again elven cents left-----<<<--------<-------------

BUT ana