domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

partially drafted


This is not the beggining (to go so far)

I have seen them,
They´re an old couple.
They were walking in the street
In the afternoon again they walked
Who can tell for how long they walked for…
She seized him by the arm-----------sharing the burden:
time seemed to stop in their path - distances didn´t any longer – matter
Both had the pace exact and it looked like they were being driven by a sense of balance, THE extreme fragility. 31%. Never to take the garbage out appeared to be so demanding


this two colossus of overcoming life by marching towards lady death
Were, each and all of the moments, arriving and reaching “destination”
Not sure if they felt excited about this situation like I do.
Would be of no surprise if they didn´t.
By the way this bread is thick.

The other shore…

Now we