domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

22 FEB lessSUNday report.doc


Oal do ala e aloa alo halo!
Hej mr MM princ’ipal !!!!
How you doin man?

Again as usual I am late in my Sunday.
I din´t have a shower for too long.
I dance while I write.
I am writing while dancing.

I am typing in the new raised up computer,
I think it is nice to be standind and working
at the same time (too much sitting man,
just too much sitting!).

Boil watter with:
Chopped ginger
Then after some time, put honey.
Speciall efective with the mucus deptm.

go to sauna

Today saw rebecca, she´s back.
Didn´t talk much, yet… you know, I was late for the ekonomi class.
Yes man!, we learn” about taxes and salary and income and dedduction and account books and that stuff, And specialy we listen to all these nice stories that this swedish-that-don´t-look-like-a-swedish-almost-two-meters-high-funny-old-chap- is telling.
We have coffee breaks from 5 in 5 minutes, ´cause he´s a smoker fellow.

IMACON (danish company)
Which bought HASSEBLAD (sweden proud)
one 100.000 scanner in the school, pretty good one I must say.
(será por isso que os suecos continuam descomfiados).

We, roomates and I, have been in a petit trip through denmark.
We, roomates, svendborg folks and I had a wonderful time.
We, roomates, young musicians and I went to svendborg to make a CULTURAL event at the association- not sure- they call it machine”.
We, roomates, young musicians, svengborg fellows and I did a big deal of a CULTURAL event; tuborg DK bear helped.

I am quite impressed, I must say, with these guys:
1- They arrange all the program” with svendborg cultural association. Svendborg is a 45.000 inhabitants post industrial, nice harbour and litle pretty hipercoloured traditional houses town in the south of FYN, the second biggest island of DK.
2- DK and DKNY, …
3- We got early to the place, the musicians were already there. Clean, arrange (we sat up a nice light system, with a fadder conmutator so that you could control the intensity of light, as you see I am mooved by the AXperience) and prepare the space, 2 bars 1 livingroom+entrance, 1 stage+dance flloor, 1 in high dejay cabine, etc.
4- We all did that with joy and profesionalism” (jajajahohohihihuhuhu, but it´s true), having a good time.
5- The musicians even had time to rehersal almost all of the tunes for the night.
6- The same musicians were collecting the tickes, behind the bar, cleaning, etc. I must say here that they bought all the drinks which money they keep it, the association as counterpoint would have new members and a % of the entrance money.
8- Nice music, nice people, good vibes.
9- Res pon sa bili ty, they had… so, they din´t get drunk till the end (then they got reeeaalllyy drunk)when all the people left.
10- And next morning, hanged over and everything we undid what we have donne with the same comunal” spirit. NICE.
Lots of things just for 24 hours. Not to mention those 17 years old youngsters talking politics/social problems/culture… con un par de cojones.

Aaaahhhhh, if just there was a squated place like that…

Then we travel a litle more to the forgotten harbour of Nyborg (forgotten because now a 23 km bridge link the 2 islands).
Then copenhagen, Köbenhavn…


some people at last!!!
Couldn´t see circa berlim, Monday man!

Well now I have to make the best out of my time.
Soon the night will take over, and today´s full moon….!!!
I would have a litle smell of the lousy vodka botle I bought also a periquita one, in netto (that does not accept foreign visas); just to keep the good swedish tradition… that one which made me found a couple of sweds totally drunk, in the bus back “home”.

Don´t let the the old shape” be too old, man
Which remainds me of subscribing penalva´s workshop “Junk, the memento and fiction” … funny funny funny life
This one we are crossfuckin, Or is it the opposite; anyways one includes the “other”.

A5 %99


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