domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

i report "not anthropologic data"


dear herr boss-bock
how are you doing?

i am fine

nos últimos 2 dias terrivel tormenta: neve gelo, chuva, frio e vento; tudo vindo da Dinamarca (será por isso que os suecos desconfiam).

my brother´s typing in the computer next to this one. he came to visit me. we made photos in the photostudio. I used hasseblad, was a BLOOD bath, I fucked up all the polaroids, even that i had asked “conoseur” opinion before, it´s ok. we had fun and a lot of work. he will leave me to london on tuesday.

IEsterday was ingi´s opening at peep. I got there at six o´clock and everything was just half done, all these people working hard for ingui. this guy, what are we gonna do with this crazy icelandik?!. he tried to do all by himself. the exhibition was nice:
2 mirror balls. 2 video proyectors. 2 cameras. 1 bar. dejays. 2 screen moitors. 2 mics. people.

there were 2 tables strategically spoted. each one had a video recorder over which was a chair and on it a video proyector. in the wall next to the table was a camera facing audience and connected to the videoproyector, the vhs recorder and the tv monitor (situated in the entrance of galery). connected to the video camera was a microphone- I know it´s hard to follow the visual, just try- so when everything was on, the mirror balls over the videoproyector, which were receiving the screening, send a thousand litle images of the atmospheric enviroment into the gallery, BEAUTIFUL!. at the same time the dejays played the music, boxingGhERTRUD interviewed people (the prize for it was a free drink) and ditta (whose gigantic boyfriend din´t loose eye contact) and myself were making coctails all night long, CRAZY man!!!

we end at ingi´s place drinking beer and smoking weed. boiko was there fighting kung fu with me, actually he made my lip bleed, then I kicked his ass!!! was nice. trygve the norwegen boy was there and alex with his newest conquest (is it a contest?), back-up singer he says… this loveland fellow, no remedy!!!

as you see art enviroment no seu melhor, será?

I had news from Gaspar (litle bear) the polar freak!!! he is doing okay! chicago. I feel that he´s much of a traveller, so I think isak-pa is preparing him a trip to another continent. I just told gaspar “send photos, make your blodyfantastic soup, don´t be too lazy and don´t THINK too much about art”.

good advices?
who can tell them, anyway?
children, you raise them and then they leave,
if they don´t kill you first...

by the way
what do you know about
the fondazione antonio ratti
i mean the extra stuff,
the whispered information?.

zo partio


P.D-- importas-te que publique este email no CHILILI (net)???.--- i realy hope the storm doesn´t hit you there in portugal, hihihi jajaja aur revoir.