domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

b - asma

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today' s hands
too big to caressss
the struggleling heart
of this young lady, by the window
who cries out loud a storm of silence.

what happened?
don' t know, don't t wanna...
care for those eyes of the night
where the light falls to be dremt and
holes go so deep as the dream of a turtle.

the furious bold
homeless person shouts
but - - - nobody' s listening
whys or birds are mechanically lost,
if could only afford=to have a fucking ipod.

it was ment to be
happy ever after for all
of us that are brothers and sisters;
ein? and then there's the turn of the corner
YES!, that same one where ali was murdered 'cause.

so sometimes' hard
not to see how easy to desper
and kill all hope left beyond suferrin;
no religi-on my name, no state boundaries
false smillin $ faces or chewing gum utopies.

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