miércoles, enero 02, 2008

Latest events or Grammar of the Home-made Drama

Being late at night, the normaly quiet neighbour decides to play hard rock in his stereo. And I cannot asure it is not because of the weather unstability, last year, this time 35 degrees colder! Ana complains, I tell her it is not scandall “enough”. I work on the computer with my headphones, when I hear some yelling. I stop to find Ana in the corridor telling me that Mustapha, the neighbour from downstairs is knocking on the musical fellow's door. Before I open the door she informs me of neighbour's screaming when she gave some hits on the wall – I’ve never like those advising knocks... Here we’ve got the esential elements for a improvised piece of drama.
........................I open the door. I find Mustapha knocking really hard on this guy’s door and vehemently shouting. He looks at me. In french, he crys out (for) what an stupid asshole the other guy is. AH! I just noticed Mustapha carries an enormous kitchen’s knife semihidden in the sleeve of his jacket (he spent a couple of years in a french prision because he hadn’t “pappers” – I’ve being told ) I look at him and tell What are you doing man? That’s not necessary. You’re going to be in trouble if you make use of that. Of course my french is not so articulatedly cool. Then I try him to handle over the knife C’omon don’t be stupid. Give me that knife. He didn’t and replyed that was the only way of dealing with such scum. In that moment two things passed my mind:

........................1st How could Mustapha (and inspite of the arab blood, that normally gives extra very-passionate-way of dealing with things and an incontinent verbal agressiveness) which have always behave as a reasonable laid back man, talk about that’s the only way? Where there other ocasssions when music was playted loud? Other conflicts with this particular neighbour? – at least not in the last four months – Did he ment the knife’s the only way? Does he normally deal with things like this? And why was he carrying the blade as in some tough jail american film? Why did he looked so out of his mind? – I know these are many issues but thoughts/images just run through your mind
........................2nd I remember too many deaths because of being in the midst of a knifes fight. I wondered what would it happen when this guy opened the door. Also I thought of Mustapha, that if he used the weapon he would get in serious problems – I know, it’s incredible how litle I seemed to care about the festive neighborg, the thing is that I was trying to get the knife before the door was open. And finally there I was, standing in between two grown men being truly stupid.
The door opens: a caucasian, long hair, corpulent young man in striped shorts and glasses (nice atrezzo), looking at us as if everything was cool. Mustapha very nervously tells him to quiet down (he doesn’ t speak good czek and he blends it with german, french and some italian words like capicci?, which is very funny, more because of the situation. Humour has a strange sense of opurtunity). The other guy is a provocateur, he tells Mustapha he doesn’t understand. Another funny thing is that Ana is walking up and down as a theatrical directress who endevours to correct the performers in the play, I don’t really know if unaware about the seriousness of the situation or in a very brave act of trying to calm things down ( I am more inclinated about the second posibility).
........................Next! Two men, big men, with the arms around each other and with their foreheads touching as in some ancient grecoroman wrestling fashion. Mustapha grabs the other guy and flings him down against the floor, almost throwing him down the stairs, glasses fall, Ana picks them. Dangerous, look all those broken neck, my God, it is so easy to truncate someone’s life! We start againg, the guy’s standing as nothing happened. I return him his glases, he says děkuye (thank you) in such a polite manner that it’s obvius to me that he is drunk. More nonsense talk. The drunk hard rock lover invites Mustapha in. Mustapha turns the invitation down, he doesn’t understand, I do (good that I am not angry or drunk, or drunk of angryness) the neighbour wants to be Mustapha to set the volume of the music, nice moove! Mustapha gets in, Ana trannslates he is apologizing, he says he is sorry ... then in the intimacy of the dark room some quiet phrases and calm reconciliating dialogs happen. I can even see some hugs and taps, it is so pathetic now... I come back in to make some good out of it. Here I am writing to you.
........................Short reflexions
God that all ended with nondead bodies or chopped lims: well. I imagine having drunk a litle bit too much and being happly playing my jewish klezma music loud. It would be catastrophic. Some one thretening me or Ana with a knife! I shall look for skeletons in the court yard.... I can imagine Mustapha and Lea being patience and trying not play the represive neighbours rol. But what‘s the use of refrain yourself if in the end you are going to explode in violence? And for mahoma’s sake, how can you “show” a knife to your own neighbour, the very same one you are going to meet tomorrow in the stairs. And how can you be so stupid and racist by saying to your neighbour I don’ t understand. I do understand (because of our flat becoming vacant) when mustapha’s wife says she doesn’t want any more arabs in the building.
To meditate things for ten seconds before taking an action. Not to do things out of or in fear. Mustapha’s a big, strong and sportive guy, he needed no knife to solve the situation, even in worst case scenario.
Between the gas thief, the spying lady, the rocker and Mustapha we have emotion and stories granted. What it is we could do to enter the freakshow? – Maybe put fire into the house...