miércoles, julio 26, 2006

seen film

seen film
diaries from bosnia
though a lot about you,
about your country.

already seen
the secret life of words,
a deep touching way of talking
the abominable thing of all: war
balcan´s war... and how there are
many batles deep down people;
batles, words and silences.
- this two films portray the aftermaths -
there´s also ulyses´ gaze
wich takes place during war:
a journey through this old europe
till the joint with the "east".
till sarajevo and war.

the first film is a documentary,
the narrator is also the director.
the story [though history too]
is made by the things
that are not told -- shown.
in this film seems as if images itselfs
were absence and emptiness.
like out of this "reality"
(and they were) images
of a long long mourning.
images of a devastated nation.
images of memories.

the future and hope: the children.

the second film is a fiction,
one of those fictions much closer
to the real than we wish.
as in diaries from bosnia,
here, the consequences of war,
but in an individual person.
the film starts by showing
the roots of these consequences
in "someones" everyday life.
there has been an overwhelm
of emotions.
memory´s locked – so words
become silences and through
that absence dialogs happen…