viernes, marzo 11, 2005

Kings Of Convenience

Quiet Is The New Loud

04 I Don't Know What I Can Save You From

that´S tarts
ok, mister?

How are you doing?!
How´s lisboa?

Today was real sun again, at least…
I took the typewriter outside, for sunbath.
The poems” improved, taste salty.

Oh, what a week!. Should i better say what a weak?!

I´ve only been 10 hours at home.
Fixin the studio it is a fascinating task.
I hold my breath now…………………………………………….fufuuussssshh

Is it irony what iron it´s made of?

We end the ekonomi classes. It is fascinating or, as mr farocki would fix: STONISHING!. Last day we talked about copyrights. You know, maybe it is not a bad idea to have a ”scientific/professional/tecnical look” over this matters in the MM, you learn a lot…

Gerthrud told me that i could stay as long as i didn´t talk about what they´re hidding in the basement, uopss! We should talk wednewsday.

…I wonder if the polish woman got to find a place where to buy her 100% alcohol vodka… or at least the svartclub…

This Saturday was Tomas final Exhibition at peep (school gallery). I am learning some tecniques of the last minute-opening-arrangements,
It is so that (for instance) sometimes to clean a spot you paint a new spot over. Somethings cannot be washed off, is it still in the wall?…

Also to tell you that Ditte, the litle&young danish painting pearl and myself are trying to produce some art together. If it happens i´ll informe you, jajaja.
As well, our good smillie friend mr icelandic coconuts ideas (ingifarn), wants to start a radio program, weekly basis, not sure you can say that. I´m interested, i am always interested…
Hope the snow ends to thaw and then the basketball team can come up. It is enough of cold now.

Now sun ra to end this reporting.
In sweden you pay taxes where you live
In denmark you pay the taxes where you work. Sweden´s laws for artists seemed quite fair to me… Grants are not taxable.
Being an artist you can also work in a part time or other job and then deduct your loss (if you´re not ”lucky*””) from your income… etc.

That´s that
All 4 now
Old fornau´

Take care monsieur bock

Vvviiiiiiii sses

m x